Balsamic Braised Beef Stew

Balsamic Braised Beef Stew

balsamic braised beef stew in a white bowl, on tea towel with carrots on natural grey hardwood

How’s your winter Solstice going? It’s finally cooler here and we may even have some snow in the forecast! Some time ago I had the opportunity to connect with a fellow blogger who cooks Paleo recipes. She was asking fellow bloggers for some recipes she could share on her site as she welcomes her baby into the world and spends some time with her in the weeks that followed. Having Crawling 2 Handed myself, I was happy to help.

She’s taught me so much about photography and recipe writing, it’s been a priveledge to be shared on her site!

balsamic braised beef stew with chunks of carrots and mushrooms in a Dutch oven. Mushrooms and parsley are on a tea towel underneath.

Please head to for my latest recipe, and share it far and wide to thank this generous blogger for sharing my recipe with her audience!

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