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Dairy Free Gift Guide

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Ever since Crawling 2 Handed came into the world and I binge watched Christmas movies through most of my labor, this time has become even more special. Nostalgia kicks in, I reminisce about all the things I loved as a child. Until I did some hunting, this meant going without some very special treats like chocolate and store bought Christmas cookies. I put together this list for all my friends out there hoping you can find something to make your season a little special.

The Holidays mean we can finally get some goodies! I won’t lie to you, there’s a lot of chocolate on this list.  There’s setting up the ultimate coffee bar, personal favorites, or some dairy free treats that are hard to find locally.  I also included gear that makes being in the dairy free kitchen a lot more fun! There are a few fun kits in there too, perfect for the person that’s hard to buy for.

The Non Edibles

The best part about this section is that it’s all gluten free, dairy free, and everyone will enjoy it. I wanted to include some products and charity very near and dear to my heart.

Ally’s Designs: My sister sent me some of her bath bombs and peppermint lip balm when I was sick-as-a-dog exhausted as only a sick mom with a baby with a diaper rash can be. After taking a thirty minute bath and using some balm to soothe the tired cracks in my lips, I felt like a new woman. She’s launching her business this month including quality bath bombs, lip balms, and the most beautiful monogramming you’ve ever seen. (Trust me, this Southern Belle knows a good monogrammed item.) Shop her business here.

Donate in their name:

Heifer International is a charity with a very clear and clever vision: donate farm animals with the promise that once they reproduce, the offspring is shared in the community. It’s not just giving once, the gift reproduces and helps entire communities. I have a personal dream of a goat being purchased in my name, because goats are funny.


Seeing that tin on the table full of treats just makes me think of the holidays. Guess what? We can eat the whole thing! It’s dairy free!

Christmas chocolates that would be great for little ones, a party, or stocking stuffers. Dairy free, gluten free, soy free.

These are so cute, they just had to make the list. Dairy free and gluten free. I won’t lie, these are on my Christmas list too.

Hey mom or dad, here’s that chocolate dairy free, gluten free Santa that your child will be delighted to have.

This would make an excellent hostess gift or a great treat to request for yourself. Hey, it’s sophisticated.

Can you believe it? There’s even a Vegan Menorah shaped chocolate. Made to order!


Tea: See those Art of Tea banners on my site? I’ve partnered with them because they have the most stunning, high quality teas I’ve ever seen. The best thing is they’re all gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and will delight whomever you gift them to.

Another treat that always reminds me of the holidays, brittle. This company makes it to order with absolutely no dairy. Yes Cooking 1 Hander, there is a Santa Claus.

I love all cookies. While homemade add a touch of cheer to my kitchen, there’s also a place in my heart for sweet little holiday shapes while I’m drinking coffee and watching Christmas movies (we won’t mention how many times this has already happened this year.) I’m so excited to discover these! They’re even gluten free too.

One of the things I miss most is using easy ranch spice packets. Though I do make my own ranch dressing and spice mix, there are times I miss the convenience of the packet. Thanks to this dairy free/ paleo spice mix, I don’t have to! I’m welcoming back ranch meatloaf, burgers, potato wedges, or even just dressing.

Anyone would love a giant container of dairy free chocolate spread in their stocking. My favorite way to enjoy is with apple slices.

Want some good news? ALL of Monin’s syrups are completely dairy free/ vegan. That means we can make all of our favorite coffee drinks at home without fear of dairy contamination! This set includes Salted caramel, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Pumpkin spice, and Gingerbread. Lattes, anyone?

If you prefer classical flavors, how about Caramel, Amaretto, Toasted Hazelnut, Irish Cream, and Vanilla? Both of these collections are on my Christmas list.

New Mexico is famous for a few foods. Green and red chile make the list along with mesquite wood. Let me introduce you to coffee roasted with pinon (pine nut) wood. It’s full bodied without being bitter, and these flavors (Biscochito, Mexican Spiced Chocolate, Piñon Fudge, Apple Empanada, and Traditional Piñon ) make me want to sing jingle bells all day long!


Kitchen Tools

Now that we have syrups, we’ll need a great milk frother. This is my absolute favorite. It has succesfully frothed coconut milk and almond milk at my house. There’s also a cold latte foam option for iced lattes too. Sometimes I skip the coffee and just froth milk and syrup for a steamer. It works tirelessly in my kitchen, is nonstick, and very easy cleanup.

Among my dairy free dreams there are many mushroom ravioli. It is very rare when I can find any that don’t have cheese. If I had this pasta attachment for my kitchenaid, there would be a lot more ravioli in my life! It also makes fetuccini, spaghetti, the sky is the limit.

There are so many recipes for cheese sauces or dairy free ice cream that call for some serious blending power. The Vitamix is the Rolls Royce of blenders, and definitely something I’d love in my kitchen (I’m looking at you, soaked cashew recipes.)

In my dreams I have this self contained herb garden on my countertop, ready and waiting for me to pluck fresh basil, sage, or parsley to finish any dish. Fresh herbs go a very long way to adding outstanding flavor!

There is something very fun about fresh, hot, popcorn when family is together. Often when my husband and I plan to watch a special movie or start a new show, my first exclamation is, “I’ll make popcorn!” This popcorn popper is absolutely the best. I put in popping oil (Orville Redenbacher brand is dairy free,) salt, and kernels. After stirring on the stove, not a kernel is left unpopped and I have buttery (dairy free, but you get it, ) fresh, hot popcorn. I cannot recommend this one enough. This kit also makes a great gift!

I cannot have this soon enough! It’s hard to find dairy free yogurt where I live, and even harder to find soy free yogurt. With this kit, I can finally have delicious coconut milk yogurt! (Hint hint Santa !)

Crawling 2 Handed and I eat mushrooms at least five times a week. I love to watch things grow (Especially things I can eat!) This is definitely on my Christmas list and I really, really hope I get it.

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What’s on your Christmas list this year?

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  1. I am a kitchen gadget type of person. I happen to have the pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid and love it. That and a ravioli stamp have allowed me to make various healthy raviolis. Another plus is that the uncooked raviolis are so easy to freeze for a really quick meal when you don’t have anything planned.

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