Collage the ultimate dairy free Thanksgiving guide, Cooking 1 handed, 30 + recipes. Included are pictures of turkey, green beans, sweet potato casserole and mash, corn bread

The Ultimate Dairy Free Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

 So you’re having Thanksgiving or need to bring a dish?

Let’s move beyond bringing a simple salad! This will be my first Thanksgiving as a dairy free cook and I wanted options, people. What better time to put together the first ever recipe roundup? Thanks to generous food bloggers, we have you covered (all pictures are shared with permission.)  I recommend choosing one or two things that are labor intensive (such as the turkey) and making quick or make-ahead versions of the other dishes.

The Turkey

Most turkeys need about 5 days to defrost in the refrigerator (the safest way.) The night before I roast, I like to put the bird in the roasting rack (in the fridge) to let the skin get nice and dry. This gives me awesome crispy skin.

I recommend Food Wishes’ turkey by chef John for beginners. His style has been described as the Bob Ross of food. He’s easy to follow and won’t make cooking a turkey seem like rocket science. Watch his videos as many times as you need to feel comfortable and substitute vegan butter for the butter called for.

If you’d like to push the (gravy) boat out a little, brine your bird ahead of time. Alton Brown is a definite favorite in this house, his recipe was my go to until I started inventing my own brines.

turkey roast recipe instant pot recipe crock pot recipe easy dinner easy turkey roast dinner

My Back Pocket Turkey Roast is great for a smaller crowd and you can free up counter space using your slow cooker or instant pot.



Roasted butternut squash soup drizzled with cream and topped with fresh Thyme.


Top this roasted butternut squash soup with coconut cream as a warming way to start the meal or hold people over until dinner is ready


You know those crescent rolls at every Thanksgiving? They’re dairy free.

Veggie Inspired pumpkin maple cornbread sitting in tea towel, pumpkin in background

Veggie Inspired has put together this delicious whole wheat pumpkin maple cornbread. This won’t just be a Thanksviging treat in this house, it’s going to help me welcome fall.

pumpkin muffins sitting in blue and white bowl, pumpkin in background


The rising spoon submitted three beautiful recipes. These apple harvest muffins sound like the perfect way to start Thanksgiving morning or finish the meal. They also included cranberry sauce and a green beans recipe to enjoy.



vegan stuffing in a baking dish on a marble countertop

Build your bite has put together the real, deal, classic stuffing. If you’d prefer you can add turkey or chicken broth. Cut up your bread and veggies the day before. Then you can throw it all together in a couple minutes.

Buckwheat dressing on marble countertop in a white baking dish topped with a green leaf

Want a different stuffing? How about a buckwheat pilaf? A great option when someone else is bringing the classic. Plus, this has healthy whole grains and can easily be made a day ahead.

pecan stuffing in a pan, being lifted out with a wooden spoon. black background.

In the South we definitely have a thing for pecans. If a friend is watching carbs, bring this beautiful pecan stuffing. People will think you’re SO clever to bring something unique! This is also a great make-ahead option.


Microwave mashed potatoes covered in dairy free spread with fork, with potato, tea towel, marble in background

Use my microwave mashed potatoes to free up valuable stove top space. If you’re making more than the microwave can hold, use the stove top and double or triple the recipe.

roasted sweet potatoes and bears in a blue bowl, on top of rustic wood

Roasted Sweet potatoes and pears come together in this simple, elegant dish. Cut your sweet potatoes ahead of time to make life easier.

nutmeg and thyme sweet potato stacks on black plate with fork

This recipe is SO SIMPLE. A few ingredients and a savory take on the sweet potato. Cut your potatoes and stack them in muffin tins ahead of time.

mufifn tin sweet potato mash, some in gratin bowls, others popped out of tin and cooling on bakers rack

This colorful paleo muffin tin sweet potato mash is so pretty. For my friends on the Paleo wagon, trade ghee for dairy free butter. This clever cook has included instant pot and oven directions, in case you need to free up some space on the big day (who doesn’t?) Instant pots also transport things very well if you’d like to bring this to a friend’s get-together.

Sweet potato casserole with candied not crunch in baking dish. On tea towel with spoon alongside

I’m just going to say three words: Candied Nut Topping.

Sweet potato mash in white bowl with rosemary garnish on tea towel

I’m always happy to see a savory take of this sweet potato mash and when you add carmelized onions? I’m a little weak in the knees. You can carmelize the onions ahead of time.

Cranberry sauces


Cranberry orange relish in white bowl. picture courtesy of fried dandelions

Perfect for beginners, this cranberry orange relish recipe is three ingredients and all you need is to pulse it in the food processor.

Maple cinnamon cranberry sauce in mason jars on cutting board

A make ahead maple cinnamon cranberry pear sauce that you can simmer on the stove. If you’ve never been in a house full of simmering cranberry sauce, you’re in for a delicious smelling treat!

Red wine cranberry sauce in bowl on tea towel with spoon and cinnamon sticks in background

This clever cook copies Julia Child and adds red wine for cranberry sauce with red wine and ginger (ALWAYS a good decision.)

Side dishes

Roasted cauliflower with spicy lentils in bowl, on granite counter top. garnished with pomegranate and sliced nuts


This baked cauliflower is a great way to bring something unique to dinner or even use as a main dish for my vegan friends.

Sheperds pies on white countertop, wooden cutting board in background

There will never be enough pies at Thanksgiving. And a savory shepard’s pie?  YES.

Dairy Free Sweet Creamed Corn in a white bowl on a white background, a can of corn is also pictured.

Bless the Urben Life for showing me that creamed corn can be a part of my dairy free life. She also has a beautiful Brussel sprouts with hominy recipe.

Roasted Balsamic Carrots with onions

These roasted balsamic carrots with onions come together with just a few ingredients. By the way, all this blogger’s recipes are 5 ingredients or less!

Maple balsamic roasted winter vegetables in clear glass baking dish with wooden spoon

This beautiful use of root vegetables is a great beginner side dish. You can easily peel vegetables the day before and toss them together when it’s time to roast.

Chickpea apple salad in white bowl on white wood. Fall leaves and apples on background with tea towel.

Sweet pomegranate molasses dressing tossed with apples (and friends, it’s apple season!)


You know that friend who swears there will never be enough bacon? Serve them these.

Roasted asparagus drizzled with balsamic on white baking dish

Asparagus is always so elegant and this balsamic asparagus recipe comes together very fast.


Cumin roasted carrots on black dish, fork holding one piece. Garnished with parsley.

A great beginner carrot dish with an unexpected warmth from cumin.

Spiced carrots sliced into rounds in a white bowl. Topped with herbs, sitting on a tea towel

These cardamom spiced carrots come together quickly on the stovetop with some unique spices.

Green beans

Baacon wrapped bundles of green beans on a white platter

This blog took things a step further. Not only do we have bacon, but we have honey mustard bacon wrapped green beans. My mouth is watering…

Want the classic green bean casserole? Substitute cream of mushroom soup for golden mushroom soup. It’s dairy free! Easy peasy.


roasted acorn squash on a black plate on a countertop

Rich, delicious creamy, coconut milk roasted acorn squash. Trade parmesan for Nutritional yeast or top with grated nutmeg.

acorn squash filled with curried lentils on a silver serving tray, on a tea towel

This beautiful squash with curried lentils is a great dish to bring. Cook the squash and lentils separately, then at your destination assemble and warm in the oven for a few minutes.

Brussel Sprouts

ginger miso brussel sprouts in a white bowl sitting on a wood counter, napkin and sprouts beside bowl

I really want these ginger mustard miso Brussel sprouts on my dinner table! Roast for ten minutes, then top with dressing. Make the dressing ahead of time, this dish comes together quickly.

Broccoli and brussel sprout salad on white plate on wood countertop

Creamy tahini dressing gets tossed with veggies in this brocolli Brussel sprout salad. You can prepare vegetables in advance, toss right before serving.


pumpkin custard on white plate topped with cream, pumpkin in black background

Crustless pumpkin pie made in the slow cooker, throw it in the morning of and it will be ready and warm when you are !

Caramel apple gallete slice on white plate, with fork and galette in background on red tea towel with white napkin

Apple galette topped with Vegan caramel! Skip the crimping and just fold over pie crust.

If you want the classic pumpkin pie, use the recipe listed above and instead of evaporated milk,  substitute half the amount called for with dairy free milk of choice.

easy apple pie filling recipe. No cook apple pie filling. gluten free apple pie vegan apple pie dairy free apple pie dairy free dessert

My brown sugar Bourbon apple pie is always a crowd pleaser. You can bake pies the day before or in the morning. This gives the filling time to cool and ‘set up’ for the perfect, non-runny pie slice.

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