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Fall Kitchen Tool and Gadget Roundup

Fall means more cooking.

My favorite time of year is coming up- Halloween, Thanksgiving, so many family birthdays, and the Christmas season. If you’re looking forward to getting in the kitchen now might be the time to treat yourself to some things that might make life easier. (Confession, I’m putting this list together partly because I’d love some of these for my birthday!) Welcome to the kitchen tool and gadget roundup.

cooking tools cooking gadgets easy cooking kitchen tips amazon kitchen picks

I get a small commision on anything you buy as I have partnered with Amazon Affiliates. Let’s get to shopping.

I would love these heat proof oven gloves that give me the use of my fingers back. As I see them I fantasize about wrapping my hands around a sheet pan freely. It’s a struggle gripping my pans, especially the ones with handles. Silicon mitts are great, but they’re unwieldy. My fabric oven mitts are not as heat proof as I’d like either. Enter these babies, removing things from the oven with no loss of dexterity.


The first Thanksgiving we returned to America after being overseas, I was very excited. There were so many things I’d missed, especially celebrating the holidays with family. I made five pies! There were about 12 people. That’s a half a pie per person. No one complained. I’d love to have this pie dish to show off my brown sugar apple pie.

I love going to Bible studies and bringing treats for the ladies. I don’t love how hard it is to lug around a 9×13 with a baby in tow. This would make life a LOT easier (hint, hint.)

These are oven liners. Put them in the bottom of your oven and never worry about cleaning up spills in the bottom of your oven again. They wipe clean, BPA Free. Yes, I would love these too!

Being dairy free means you’re very nervous when you buy coffee out. There’s a chance the barista won’t wipe down equipment between drinks or even worse, you’ll get served dairy milk by mistake.

This way I get hot or iced lattes frothed perfectly . It makes hot, cold, dense or non dense foam for Cappucinos or latte Machiattos. Mine froths my coconut milk beautifully, I’m so glad to have it and use it every day (mama needs her coffee, I have a baby after all.) My pumpkin spice hot chocolate and honey vanilla spiced Chai are going to be amazing in here!

For a good latte or cup of coffee, you need a good brewer. This one’s mighty convenient for the tired, have-been-up-with-the-baby-four-times one handed cook.

I’m not  fan of buying Kcups. The coffee is varying quality and is marked up to an incredible price. Instead of spending my life savings on disposable Kcups that fill up landfills, I use these. Load them the night before, pop them in your Keurig, save money, use better quality coffee. We only have one but two would be even better…

These silicon pats are the secret for anything, I mean anything, not sticking to your sheet pan. I also love to use these babies when I make peanut brittle for the holidays. Getting out brittle is easy peasy with these. You can also do some mighty fine chocolate work (chocolate dipped strawberries that lift up without cracking.) You skip dealing with wax paper too. Love it!

Though they be small, they be mighty. These scrapers bend and curve to get every last drop of batter out of your bowl. I bought mine in Germany before they became more available, now I’m so glad to know that I can pick some up on Amazon.

Loch. Ness. Ladles. I’ll pretend these are for when Crawling 2 Handed gets older…and not for me. Since I spend so much time in the kitchen, silly things like this bring me great joy.

There have been a lot of turkeys in my life, I started taking over the Thanksgiving bird when I was sixteen. This is by far my favorite turkey roaster in all the world. The Rack keeps your turkey from getting a soggy skin on the back. Beautiful golden crispy skin all the way round. When your bird is ready, remove the rack, let your turkey rest on the cutting board, and put the roasting pan directly on the stove of your eye to make gravy from all the glorious drippings. It’s a Calphalon that’s nonstick, you can’t get better quality.

Speaking of roasting, this beautiful thermometer keeps me from opening the oven door and checking the turkey every fifteen minutes. Set the temperature, put the probe in the thickest part of the meat, then close the oven door on the durable metal coated probe wire. The display is also magnetic! There’s a timer function as well.

These heatproof spatulas do an excellent job of staying nice and room temperature even if you forget them in your saucepan…I swear I’ve never done that. Dishwasher safe, heatproof, nonstick, and very easy to clean.

Silicone bendable pourable measuring cups?! Where have you been all my life? These are going on this list solely because I would love to have them. Pouring batter directly into the pan or baking dish…now a reality. Wow.

For when you desperately need help in your refrigerator. Yes, this is also on my list. Our refrigerator is a chaotic pile of cans, jams, and all the other things that make my meals lovely. A little order might save us some time.

These are the best wedding gift I ever received. They’re going on five years and have just been resharpened. They cut like new. Keep them out of the dishwasher and they’ll last forever. The real irony is they’re German made and I chose them before we had orders to move there. These German knives have been to Germany and back!

This may sound silly, but this electric pepper grinder made my Christmas. I use it every day! The light feature may not be intuitive, but when you’re using the pepper grinder over a stove top and can’t see well, that light shows you how much pepper’s going into your food. It’s an excellent, thoughtful design that I’ve been using for eight months with no signs of wear.


Would any kitchen list be complete without an instant pot? My slow cooker mostly sits obsolete thanks to this baby. Perfect for the no-defrost cook. Meals ready in less than an hour. My no defrost chicken and gravy, back pocket pot roast, and country style green beans are just a few of my favorite instant pot recipes. Just check out my instapot section if you need any further convincing. I chose this 6 quart model especially because it has the all-important yogurt setting.  Do you need it? Maybe not, but what if you’re feeling brave? You can save an awful lot on yogurt my dairy free friends.

If my instant pot comes with a sealing ring? Why do I need extras? One for savory dishes and one for sweet dishes. No matter how well you wash that instant pot ring, it’s very good at absorbing flavors. It’s also an excellent idea to buy the name brand here, as many users are not happy with other brands. All I needed to hear was the story of a lady who made yogurt in her instant pot but her sealing ring still smelled like tacos. Her yogurt tasted like tacos! She was desperately posting asking people for ideas of what she could put taco yogurt on to get rid of it. Don’t make taco yogurt. Buy the extra sealing rings.

For those of you that live and breathe cooking potatoes and eggs in your instant pot, say hello to an easy way to pull them out! You could drain the hot water, or just pull up your cooked goods by the heat proof handle. I would use this for my browned roasts and veggies. Simply put them in the basket, then remove all of them so you can easily make gravy on saute’ mode. Then add them right back in. So easy.

This beautiful stick blender is the secret to fixing lumpy gravies and never buying baby food. There’s also a food processor attachment for making quick word of onions or garlic. I blend smoothies and drink them right from the beaker. You can also make the world’s easiest mayo in that beaker with a stick blender. So many uses I can’t even name them all. If any ladies are thinking of buying a baby bullet, don’t you dare. This stick blender has twice the power and four times the use.

The first ever grown up kitchen tool I received when I was 17 was this beautiful food processor right here. I named mine Chompy. Chompy has been with me well over ten years and assembled everything from peanut butter to cake batter to sorbets (just blend some frozen fruit, honey and lemon juice) and shows no signs of stopping. It’s worth every penny, easy dishwasher safe bowl, slicer, grater, and dough attachments. Cuisinart makes excellent products.

The Death Stir. Darth Mixer. My fearless muscle when it comes to kneading heavy pizza dough, pie crust, or my three ingredient tortillas. The first Christmas we moved back from Germany my husband and I were very tight on funds. My husband was starting a new job and I had yet to find one. We told each other we could spend fifteen dollars on gifts for the other. We loaded up and went to the mall, getting creative, thinking of little things the other would like. On Christmas day, there was the mixer I had dreamed of since we’d been married. I repay my husband for his thoughtfulness with mashed potatoes all the time.

Nope, not food related at all. Crawling 2 handed loves to chew on our remotes! I hid this one from him and now I can’t find it. Anyone feeling generous ?

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets! Hopefully this list of fun goodies will save you time and frustration, bring you a little joy, and a lot of happy bellies. What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

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