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Simply Southern Sweet Tea

Tools: Pitcher, heat proof measuring cup, stirring spoon

Prep time: about 5 minutes

Servings: 2 quarts


Black tea bags (2 family size or 8 individual size)- decaffeinated or regular

1 cup sugar (can be adjusted to taste, of course)

good quality water, heated to boiling

Method: Add sugar and tea bags to heat proof measuring cup. Stir until sugar dissolves. Let sit for ten minutes. (What you’re doing is making a tea/syrup concentrate- it ensures the sugar distributes evenly through the pitcher.)

Pour in pitcher, continue adding water to heat proof measuring cup containing tea bags (for maximum brew.) Once the water runs clear, fill up pitcher with water to 2 quart line.

Tips: Your tea is only as good as your water.

Do NOT microwave the tea bags! They will oversteep, the bags may rupture, you increase the chance of cloudy tea. You won’t do it, right?

Variations: Use whatever sweetener you like- honey would be an excellent addition. You could also use agave nectar or coconut sugar.

Lots more variations to come as the weather heats up!

Art of Tea Iced Teas Collection

Oh my stars and garters, Sweet tea!

Our little one is teething. We spent half an hour last night clapping to distract our baby, asking ourselves, “Are we adults now? Is this what parents do?” We felt awfully silly when we didn’t feel exhausted. Raising babies is not for the faint of heart, but it might be for the hard of hearing…

When he’s particularly fussy I like to take him out on our back porch. For a few blissful minutes he is distracted by the quiet drone of buzzing insects, the wind rustling through the trees, and I can enjoy a cold glass of tea. I make mine decaf because I refuse to be limited as to when I drink my tea! Honestly it probably doesn’t matter, as I’m immune to caffeine now. I can sleep at the drop of a hat.

What tea to use? I’m partial to Luzianne. Did you know Louis Armstrong did an advertisement for them? If it’s good enough for Louis, it’s more than good enough for me. It makes a beautiful, clear tea. Nectar of the Southern Gods! (Southern Gods? You know, General Lee, Dolly Parton, Elvis…)

I justify my tea by reminding myself of the antioxidants. If ever a Southerner avoided cancer, you can bet their tea drinking had some beneficial role to play. I always thought everyone knew how to make sweet tea, forgetting it was a birthright of my Southern Belle self. This one goes to my New Mexico family- enjoy it with one of your incredible sunsets!

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