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The Ultimate Holiday Snacks, Sweets, and Treats Roundup

Hello Cooking 1 Handers, we’ve tackled what to put on your wish list, or what to buy your favorite dairy free friend in my holiday gift idea guide. Now my next gift of the season is this ultimate dairy free guide to entertaining over the Holidays. It’s all covered- what to bring, what to serve if you’re hosting, what to bake, blend, or dip. You can even make dairy free treats as gifts! Thank you to all the generous bloggers for sharing and allowing me to borrow their pictures. Let’s tuck in, friends.

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Appetizers/ Finger foods

citrus baked olives in bowl, white and black background

These citrus baked olives are festive and will still leave you room for cookies.

bacon wrapped olives stacked on white dish

Great for beginner cooks or those rushed for time, these bacon wrapped olives are sure to be a hit!

Going with our bacon section, how about some bacon wrapped asparagus?

bacon wrapped water chestnuts and barbecue sauce, tootpicks inside. In a baking dish, on a wire baking rack with a jar of barbecue sauce

Confession: I always called these bacon wrapped chestnuts, but they’re actually called Rumaki!

bacon wrapped brussel sprouts with balsamic mayo dip in dish, on white plate with grey tea towel in background

Brussels sprouts are best when they get nice and carmelized on the oven, wrapped in bacon, with balsamic mayo dip. Delicious.

black bean guacamole dip cups on white platter

Up your party game with these black bean guacamole cups.

cranberry meatballs with gold forks

Cranberry meatballs are fun for any party. The sauce has barbecue sauce, cranberries, and brown sugar. Yum!

mini turkey meatballs with cranberry dip in white bowl, stack of forks alongside

If you’d rather guests dip themselves or prefer a lighter option, these mini turkey meatballs with cranberry dipping sauce will hit the spot.

bourbon meatballs in metal dish, with forks arranged in a glass, by a glass of bourbon

Any Southern cook will tell you Bourbon adds great depth of flavor. A fine example? These bourbon meatballs.

fingers holding coconut shrimp, with platter in background and dipping sauce on white plates

Party tip: serve coconut shrimp.

Chicken satay skewers on china plate with peanut dipping sauce in bowl.

These chicken satay skewers are portable and come with an amazing peanut dipping sauce! Make them soy free by substituting coconut aminos for soy sauce.

spicy deviled eggs on black background

Here’s a twist on the classic your guests will love – spicy deviled eggs.

salmon croquettes on plate garnished with green herbs and lemon wedge

Here’s a fun twist on salmon! These Indian potato and fish croquettes are an easy finger food.

walnut thyme cheese on cutting board

With the help of some probiotic caplets, this fermented vegan walnut thyme cheese comes together.

christmas pinwheels- green pesto and sun dried tomatoes, on white platter

These Christmas pinwheels feature sun dried tomatoes and a vegan pesto, they come together easily with a package of crescent roll dough.

Savory dips

hummus and babaganoush drizzled with oil and pomegranate seeds in white bowls

This stunning duo of Hummus and Baba Ghanoush are stunning and especially festive with pomegranate seed garnish.

spinach artichoke dip in cast iron skillet with crackers

Rejoice! A dairy free hot spinach and artichoke dip!

white bean dip in white bowl, vegetables to garnish on white tray

This white bean dip will leave room for cookies without sacrificing flavor.

dipping oil in wooden bowl garnished with fresh herbs on wooden cutting board with more herbs and oil in a glass jar in background

You know those dipping oils served at restaurants? Here‘s 5 recipes for them. Go ahead, impress your guests.

creamy cranberry dip, with cranberries and jalapeno slice on top. In a blue bowl with crackers alongside

The sweetness of cranberries will entice you to try, but the heat of the jalapenos will keep you coming back for this creamy cranberry salsa dip.

creamy garlic onion dip in bowl, garnished with fried onions on top, in a plate surrounded by tortilla chips on a tea towel with natural wood background

I think you could throw a party without this vegan creamy onion garlic dip, but why risk it? Give the people an onion dip! It’s even nut free.

pico de gallo pico de gringo corn tomatoes jalapenos cilantro red onion salsa chunky salsa recipe potluck side dish Mexican recipe

A chunky salsa that lightens things up, pico de gringo is an easy one to throw together.

Sweet dips

snickerdoodle dip on white wood background with cinnamon sticks, pinecones, and hot cocoa in a mug

This beautiful Snickerdoodle Dip is healthy thanks to a surprise ingredient.

brownie batter dessert hummus in white bowl, on white plate surrounded with strawberries and pretzel chips

You won’t believe how easy this brownie batter dessert hummus is (and your guests will never have to know.)

chocolate mousse shooters in shot glasses, topped with nut garnish, spoon on countertop, subway tile in background

Ok, you got me, these technically aren’t a dip. But these Paleo Triple chocolate Mousse Shooters will be a dip at my house…I’ll be dipping my face in that bowl! Let’s be honest, these aren’t making it to the fancy glasses.

fudge/ truffles/ barks/ Spiced nuts

vegan white and dark chocolate truffles topped with crushed candy cane bits on wax paper, candy cane in background

Did you know you could make vegan white chocolate truffles? I didn’t either! Thank goodness for clever food bloggers that make recipes like these vegan white chocolate candy cane truffles.

hazelnut truffles on marble countertop with hazelnuts

I can’t think of a better treat than these hazelnut chocolate truffles.

coconut date truffles on white background

Believe it or not, these coconut date truffles are healthy! They’d also make a lovely gift.

peppermint candy cane truffles in glass jar with red and white bow.

Perfect for the coconut lover in your life, these peppermint candy cane truffles are filled with coconut and crushed peppermint candies.

coconut protein bounty balls, one cut in half with coconut lined with chocolate, on waxed paper

Coconut protein bounty balls! I’ve been missing a certain candy and this will definitely take care of that.

peanut butter balls on marble countertop

Some call them buckeyes, some call them peanut butter balls. I call them delicious!

cashew truffles in paper, cashews on checked tablecloth in background

If you don’t care for coconut, maybe these cashew chocolate truffles are calling your name?

bourbon balls in white paper, a collection of them in white bowl, gold christmas trees in background.

Serve these Bourbon Balls to your adult guests before the gift exchange and see how wild things get!

almond butter bark stacked with white background

This swirled almond butter and chocolate bark is as stunning as it is delicious

Honey candied nuts

Save yourself a lot of money and make your own honey candied nuts. Sweet!

candied nuts in a blue bowl with red background

These candied nuts use agave nectar if you would like a completely vegan carmelized nut recipe.

coconut peppermint fudge stacked on plate

Nothing says the holidays like this coconut peppermint fudge.


german lebkuchen drizzle cookies that are dairy free. On white napkin with holly decorated

These beautiful Lebkuchen (German Gingerbread) cookies with a dark chocolate drizzle will brighten up any party!

coconut cranberry cookies on baking rack, milk in jar beside with green straw, subway tile in background

Bring in some flavors of the season with coconut cranberry cookies.

vegan apple pie protein cookies on black plate

These vegan apple pie protein cookies are so pretty and unique.

coffee toffee stacked on natural wood

Want to know what to make me as a gift? Use your favorite vegan butter and chocolate chips for this coffee toffee.

Italian Christmas cookies, one cut in half with chocolate filling. Other cookie stacked in background on baking tray.

Grab your favorite dairy free butter substitute and make these Italian Christmas cookies with chestnut chocolate filling. Benne!

stacked no bake peanut butter cookies

No oven? No problem! Try these easy low carb peanut butter chocolate no bake cookies.

hawajj cookies with powdered sugar

One of my favorite things about holiday cookies is that the recipes are from all over the world! These coffee cookies are a Kosher Jewish recipe, and they sound absolutely amazing. ( This recipe has British weight measurements.)

sugar free low carb peanut butter cookies

Perfect for beginners, these low carb peanut butter cookies only have a few ingredients but deliver big on flavor.

gingerbread men on marble countertop with plastic Santa toys

What says holiday more than these gluten free vegan gingerbread cookies?

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on china plate, blue scarf and natural wood in background

‘Tis the season for our family’s most requested cookie recipe, oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies.

hazelnut meringue cookies on red place with pine branch

This blogger had me at German, but if you need to know more, they’re German toasted hazelnut meringue cookies.

flourless peanut butter cookies with milk, black background

These peanut butter cookies are flourless (gluten free) and dairy free!

ginger molasses cookies sprinkled with sugar on wire baking rack with holly branch in background

These ginger molasses cookies call for gluten free flour, but you can easily substitute all purpose in the same amount.

honey cookies on white plate with blueberries

These honey cookies are a sweet, crunchy addition to any swap.

stacked vegan sugar cookies with pine cone in background

We all need a good sugar cookie recipe!

cookie cups garnished with frosting and blueberries and raspberries on a white serving platter

Garnish these cookie cups with whatever fruit you like!

vegan mint double chocolate cookies stacked on a white plate, with natural wood and holly branch in background

Listen to this: vegan mint double chocolate cookies.

gingersnap cookies stacked on wooden cutting board

These gingersnap cookies come together in a (ginger) snap!

blondies on white plate with chocolate chips

Yes, we can have blondies!

pumpkin gingerbread in paper cups stacked in a bowl with a glass of milk in the background

If you are a lover of all things pumpkin like me, this vegan pumpkin gingerbread is a welcome surprise!

vegan toffee cookie bars stacked, with mug alongside on a white plate

These vegan toffee bars just scream festive. Really, I just want that beautiful toffee topping.

Stacked coconut and avocado grasshopper bars on white plate with spoon in background

Coconut and avocado grasshopper bars. Because they’re Paleo, you can eat twice as many!

raspberry ripple chocolate bars on slate with white powdered sugar

These vegan raspberry ripple and chocolate cheesecake bars are stunning!

peanut butter fidge squares on white paper, natural wood background with nuts

If fudge is a favorite, this healthy peanut butter fudge will not dissapoint.

Cakes/ tarts

grapefruit tart slice on whit plate with entire tart on wood slab

This ruby red grapefruit tart is a great way to bring something light and refreshing to the table.

apple galette slice on plate with apple slice and fork in background

This apple crisp galette could not be easier to make, but your guests will never know.

pumpkin spice caramel chocolate pie

This dairy-free pumpkin spice caramel chocolate pie would be a showstopper on any table.

chocolate mayonnaise cupcakes with blue paper liners on white plate

When I heard these cupcakes used mayonnaise as an ingredient, I was intrigued!

chocolate donuts glazed, on a white plate with natural wood background

Yes, I’ve missed chocolate donuts too.

What will you be making this year?

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