Cooking 1 Handed's Dairy Free Thanksgiving Leftover Guide, 20 Recipes! Pictured in a collage are turkey and wild rice soup, turkey egg rolls, a layered sandwich, potato pancakes, and cranberry smoothie

Dairy Free Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Roundup

You’ve done it! You pulled off Thanksgiving. Welcome to my favorite part of the holiday, what to do with all those beautiful leftovers. We repurpose everything from the turkey to the cranberry sauce in inventive ways such as soups, salads, and even egg rolls. Every recipe is dairy free, (of course.) All photos and recipes shared with permission from some very creative bloggers.

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Vegan holiday sandwish with cranberry and apple on toasted white bread.

Stop what you’re doing right now and put some cranberry sauce on a sandwich. It’s absolutely amazing. Use this Vegan Holiday Sandwich recipe to help you get started. It even has a savory herb dressing to drizzle on the sandwich…yum.

Layered Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich garnished with leafy greens on a blue plate

There’s an episode of the show “Friends” Where one of the characters loses his mind after his day after Thanksgiving sandwich is stolen. In my mind, this Epic Day After Holiday Sandwich is what he lost.

Turkey Soups

Turkey stew with potatoes and green beans in bowls, with spoons on napkins and crock pot liner filled with soup

The clever cook at Low Carb Yum uses leftover green beans and turkey in this Leftover Turkey Stew in the Slow cooker. Plus, I think we can all agree that the slow cooker is a welcome friend after so much work at the stove.

Leftover turkey soup in a metal bowl, beside a red Dutch Oven and wooden spoon filled with soup

This light, brothy Leftover Turkey soup is just what I need after eating (maybe) too much on the big day.

Turkey butternut squash stew in a white bowl, with spoon.

In Germany butternut squash and pumpkin were used in soups to bring delicious flavor and texture to stew. Use some of that leftover turkey (and maybe even extra butternut squash) in this Turkey and Butternut Squash Stew.

Turkey chili with sliced avocado and tortilla chip in white bowl.

Treat your family to Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Chili. I can just imagine serving this after a walk in the cool, fresh air.

Low Carb Turkey soup with zucchini noodles in a white bowl, with two spoons. On a cream tablecloth.

This Low-Carb Turkey Soup with Zucchini Noodles will fill your belly without the guilt that eating too many slices of pie brings.

Turkey quinoa pumpkin soup in a white bowl, with golden spoon and tea towel and pumpkin seeds in background

As I sit here with a cold, I really wish someone would make me this Turkey Quinoa Pumpkin Soup with bone broth. It uses turkey and pumpkin in a warming, comforting soup.

Wild rice and turkey leftover soup in copper crock on white tea towel

Nothing makes me happier than finding this turkey wild rice soup, I never thought I’d find a dairy free recipe!


Turkey salads, egg rolls, and bakes

Stuffing bake with green beans in a bowl on a marble countertop with a fork and napkin. This recipe is dairy free and a great use for leftover chicken or turkey.

My One Pan Turkey Stuffing Bake comes together with 6 ingredients. If your favorite part of the meal is stuffing or you just love a good casserole, this one’s for you.

Leftover turkey egg rolls on a white plage with cranberry dipping sauce.

These Easy Leftover Turkey Egg Rolls just make me happy. I love when leftovers can become a new and creative recipe. And using cranberry sauce to dip ? Genius.

Chicken salad with granberries and green apples in a green and white bowl.

One of the easiest (and arguably best) ways to use leftover turkey is to substitute it where cooked chicken will do. This Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad does just that.

Chinese chicken salad with shredded cabbage and madarin oranges in a black bowl with green tea towel in background

This Chinese Chicken Salad from What a girl looks like my next meal. I’ve always had a weakness for those tangy, sweet dressings with crunchy nuts. The dressing will also help those of you that don’t especially care for the taste of turkey.


sweet potato quinoa salad topped with nuts in a wooden bowl.

This is the perfect recipe for that extra apple and sweet potato you didn’t end up needing after all. The tangy vinagrette for this Sweet Potato and Apple Quinoa Bowl sounds so refreshing.

cranberry pecan brussel sprout salad in a brown bowl with silver fork and spoon

Brussel Sprouts can be a beautiful addition to a salad, as shown with this cranberry pecan Brussels sprouts salad.

Veggies/ Potatoes

layered veggie casserole on a white plate with a fork. background of tea towels.

Give leftover vegetables new life in this layered veggie casserole. It works with virtually any roasted vegetables and give an Italian flavor that will probably be a welcome change after a few days of reheating leftovers!

Leftover mashed potatoes get repurposed in these easy ranch potato pancakes. The flavors of dill, garlic, onion, and parsley all lend a hand. Gluten free version, dairy free.

Mashed potatoes are magical. Turn them into Ranch Potato Pancakes and your family might even think you’re magical.

Roasted squash, kale, and wild rice in a wooden bowl

This Roased Acorn Squash with Kale and Wild Rice Bowl is healthy and tasty thanks to a maple syrup vinagrette. The best part about bowls? One dish to clean.


Pumpkin spice onigiri bento, triangle shaped treats with seaweed. On brown paper garnished with pumpkin and cinnamon in background.

Don’t throw away that leftover pumpkin! Use it in these unepexpected and fun Pumpkin Spice Onigiri Bento. They’re so pretty and wouldn’t they be fun to make with the family?

cranberry walnut smoothie topped with walnuts, in clear mason jars with red striped straws and cranberries

Make leftover cranberries a healthy start to your day with this walnut cranberry apple smoothie.

Dairy Free Thanksgiving Leftovers Guide Pin, 20 Recipes, collage includes cranberry walnut smoothie, turkey eggrolls, soup, potato pancakes

That should definitely give you some new ways with your leftovers. What’s your favorite way to repurpose them?




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